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Cooking with honey - A versatile pantry staple

Cooking with honey - A versatile pantry staple

We all have those pantry staples that we just can’t live without. It’s these long-standing members of the food cupboard that are the foundation of many dishes.

Even when stocks are low and we really need to get creative with what we’ve got, it’s these ingredients that come to the party.
Honey is the among the most versatile foods you can have in your pantry and cooking with honey will add a whole new dimension to your food. Sweet or savoury, healthy or decadent, the natural sweetness of honey adds something very special to a range of dishes and drinks.

Bee Plus Manuka Honey is like no other honey. It’s the highest quality UMF rated Manuka Honey, straight from pure New Zealand.

Your pantry’s wonderful natural sweetener

Sugar warnings are everywhere these days and more and more of us are trying to cut back as best we can on the refined white stuff.

Traditionally, sugar has been the way to go when it comes to baking but as we become more educated about the harm it can do to our health, we continue to get creative with alternatives.

Manuka honey is a healthy substitute for white sugar and there are many recipes out there that call for honey as the sweetening agent in desserts and baked goods. Honey not only adds sweetness, it also adds a distinct and natural flavour that rounds out the dish perfectly.

We live in an age where people are more conscious about limiting their sugar intake. From this notion we have discovered new ways to sweeten our old favourites, and we have also learnt that we didn’t really need to fill them with refined sugar all along.

The trend to create guilt-free treats is now worldwide, and Manuka honey is a star in that phenomenon.

Blueberry muffins

Cooking with honey - Dressings for salads, sauces for meats

Just made a salad and out of dressing? Want to spruce up a bland piece of meat?

Head to the pantry, manuka honey has got you covered.

Sauces marinades and dressings add a tasty kick to our plate and being able to make these yourself is healthier and more cost-effective.

With meat: Meat lovers far and wide, manuka honey is your flavoursome friend. As a delicate compliment to a range of meat dishes, honey’s sticky sweetness balances against the savoury flavour of meat to add something deliciously unexpected.

Where would we be without our honey-glazed christmas ham or honey soy chicken wings?

Let’s face it, meat loves honey. They’re just better together.

In salads: A salad without dressing? There’s just no need for it when you have honey in the pantry.

Whip up some honey vinaigrette or honey mustard dressing in minutes and turn your classic garden salad into a glistening side dish.

For simplicity at its finest, drizzle manuka honey on a salad of pear, blue cheese and walnut. It’s a match made in heaven.

Salad with honey dressing

Complement another pantry staple: the root vegetable

When grocery day is looming, we look to our pantry staples for some inspiration.

Particularly in winter, we almost always have some root vegetables on hand. The long-lasting and inexpensive nature of the root vegetable mean they make an appearance in many winter meals.

Manuka honey adds a sweet sheen to the kind of root vegetables that already possess a level of sweetness. Think carrots, kumara, parsnip, beetroot and yams - to name a few. These vegetables have their own ability to caramelise when roasted due to their own natural sugars.

With something as simple as a honey glaze, you can take this caramelisation to another level and watch your nearest and dearest devour them in minutes.

vegetables and honey

Sweeten your beverages with pure manuka honey

Whether it’s to add some goodness to your morning smoothie or to sweeten a hot cup of tea, manuka honey is a beverage’s best friend.

You won’t believe the number of drinks that can be taken to the next level just by adding a dash of honey.

We all love a good refreshing drink in the summer time, but these can often be laced with copious amounts of sugar – either that, or they’re unbelievably bitter! Iced tea, lemonade and even cheeky cocktails are signature summer beverages that can be jazzed up with manuka honey to create a healthier version of the original recipe.

What about those drinks in winter that are designed simply to warm the cockles in the cold weather? Lemon, honey and ginger is a famous combination that is not only tasty but also very soothing. And a teaspoon of honey perfectly balances the classic spicy chai and turmeric tea.

tea sweetened honey

The versatility of Manuka honey makes it a stand-out pantry staple. With so many uses, you can whip up something delicious even when the cupboards are starting to look a little bare.

In a league of its own, Bee Plus Manuka Honey has a pure and robust flavour that transforms a simple dish into a wonderfood. Shop online and be sure to get the highest quality manuka honey straight from the producer.

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