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Simple, delicious and quick manuka honey recipes

Simple, delicious and quick manuka honey recipes

A Google search for manuka honey recipes will generate hundreds of tasty looking ideas for you to try out.

However, simplicity has a strong allure and when you’ve got a nice pot of high quality manuka honey sitting in front of you, you just want to taste it as fast as possible.

So with that in mind, here are a few simple yet delicious ways to enjoy manuka honey recipes that are quick and easy.

Smear Manuka Honey on Toast with lots of Butter

You can use any type of bread for this one, but ideally something that will provide some crunch and texture in contrast to the smoothness of the honey and melted butter. Think freshly baked sourdough, or a Ciabatta or even better, a Fig and Walnut loaf.

Cut yourself a nice thick slice or two, then toast until golden brown. Grilling in the oven is often best as the toaster will struggle with a thick slice.

Now, the important part, smear on a generous helping of creamy organic butter then repeat with your manuka honey. That’s it, now crunch into it!

Stir manuka honey into tea with lemon juice

 Honey and lemon

This one tastes great and will really soothe a sore throat, nice to have up your sleeve for those cold winter mornings.

You can flash it up and get creative if you want, I’ll give you the simple version, then suggest some additional ideas for you to explore.

Start by boiling the kettle, while that’s going on, choose your favourite mug and add a solid spoon of manuka honey. You can decide what a ‘solid spoon’ means to you. Squeeze out a fresh lemon and pour the juice on top, followed by boiled water.

That’s it for the basic version.

To add some zing, try these optional extras:

  • Smash up some ginger slices with the back of a knife and stir in. Some people also do this with garlic to really tackle an oncoming cold.
  • Add a nip of Brandy, Rum or Whiskey to turn your drink into what is known as the “Hot Toddy”.
  • Add more punch with some finely grated turmeric root and a pinch of black pepper

Smoked Fish with the manuka honey flavour

In New Zealand, people often catch and smoke their own fish at home, using a Barbeque smoker or smoker of some kind.

One fish in particular, the Kahawai, is often sweetened and flavoured with both manuka honey on the flesh, and wood chips from the manuka tree to provide the smoke.

I admit, this idea is a bit more involved than my previous two, but if you already smoke fish at home, you’ll find it very easy.
You could give it a go with any fish that you like to smoke, Salmon could be a good option.

Basically, all you need to do is rub the fillets with good quality sea salt and leave for 10 minutes, then heat a mix of manuka honey, brown sugar and golden syrup in a saucepan before applying to the fillets with a pastry brush.

Then go about your usual smoking process. Once done you can pull apart the sweet yet smokey fish which is great on it’s own, in sandwiches or salads.

You can learn more about the process and the recipe by clicking here.

Manuka honey smoothies to start the day

 Honey smoothie

Smoothies are a good way to get a ‘meal’ in your belly on those days when you don’t have time for breakfast and have to race out the door.

Sometimes you find the same old recipe gets a bit boring though, it’s great to mix things up and have a few recipes in your repertoire. So why not add this one?

Throw a ripe banana, some natural yoghurt and of course your Manuka honey into the blender, pour in your chosen base - milk (dairy, soy, rice etc) or juice, blast, pour, serve…..yum.


So as you can see, manuka honey is very versatile and really, the only limit is your imagination.

When all's said and done, one of our favourites, is actually to just eat it straight from the spoon, savouring all the subtle flavours as they hit the taste buds!

If you want to add delicious, healthy manuka honey to your diet, then take a look at our selection here. We guarantee you won't find a more pure and more delicious manuka honey.

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